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Does anybody else remember that time that the rich privileged kid met up with the guys that work for a living? I do... Seriously, these dumbasses on their bikes way back in the country of what looks like Alabama or Florida. They could have just passed this guy and been on their way.

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Doesn't look at all like the truck guy was in the wrong... Those idiot bikers followed him and he called his extended family to help him out. Clearly the bikers thought their nuts were way bigger than they actually were and chose to fuck with the wrong guy... Buncha pussies lookin at it... Only the shotgun shitlord looks intimidating to me and he's also the only one who rendered aid to the downed bikerfag. Funny video though!

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Yup. Bikers following the truck and yelling, trying to intimidate the driver. He learned something that day... hopefully.