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This is really sad.

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The Jew.

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More and more people are waking up. It's becoming obvious how (((they))) censor information and manipulate the media. Bad time to be a jew.

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ever talk to a jew about this?

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I tried but it's difficult to get through their gated mansions in their gated communities free of minorities and migrants.

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Yes, indeed...very bad time to be a Jew!

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No it's not, just like during the rise of the third Reich... On the surface, for those of simple minds who in simple terms it would appear to be a bad time to be a Jew. The truth is that like in the 30's it's all part of the Zionist plan... Sure a few thousand "unclean" Jews may die but for the Zionist ultimate plan they are collateral damage, a level of human just slightly above the goy...

... The only thing we could ultimately do to fuck with their plan is to send all these refugees to israel... But only after we disarm them fully... And them stand back as they eat the diversity sandwich they've been preaching so firmly to the rest of the world.

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it's never a good time...

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The enemy of everyone is the elites. It's coming.

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The problems with being a globalist elite is that they well become the enemy world wide.

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They need to acknowledge the hatred. I'm not aware of any cadre of officials in history being so reckless with their own regard. Wiping out your own people and expecting to get away with it takes some shit level madness.

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History keeps repeating

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Powerful speech and it looks like, from the comments section over there, that the ADL agrees.

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White pride is historically a forced to be reckoned with. It's why we are being subverted so intensely.

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