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Any business should be able to shoot niggers dead as that chicken Popeyes sells when they do stuff like that.

We don't need gun control, we need nigger control.

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4 university students kicking pregnant girl in stomach over chicken

I just paid over a $1,000 today for one of my kids (going to college while in high school) books. Just the books. Just over 2 months of classes. Who is paying for these degenerate niggers to go to a university?

I think it's time to

end all federal/state/local tax payer funding of higher education.

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White nations for white.

Segregation is the only answer.

Diversity is a code word for white genocide.

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Can't say I've EVER heard of anyone trying to "diversify" non-white countries. NOT ONCE

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They were kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach. Segregation.

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And they were Texas State students.

I bet they had no points added to their SAT scores, and were accepted to Texas State without racial bias or exclusive scholarships.


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The niggs are so thick here. I am in a philosophy class with 5 nigresses with at least 3 kids each, single mothers loving their gibs. So far, the teacher seems to be a based easter european migrant that loves America. Should be an interesting class. I will keep yall updated on how it goes, but I will ve throwing my redpills abound for a couple weeks amd see where they land.

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No... elimination.

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4 separate orders!!! Lazy nigs didnt want to walk in.

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They probably all had separate EBT cards to pay with, too.

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"We don't accept EBT here, you're gonna need your own money if you want this chicken in 4 separate orders for one car of people."

Only thing the manager did wrong is not inform her employees that a chimp-out was incoming.

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So they started off being inconsiderate niggers (redundant, I know) by trying to have four fucking orders in one car. Then they continued their shitty behavior by getting pissed off and assaulting a pregnant woman over it.

I guaranfuckingtee you that if it had been WHITE kids doing this, it would make national headlines for weeks. But who am I kidding, white kid's don't chimp-out over fried chicken.

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Can you imagine trying to take 4 different orders at once through a loudspeaker. These niggers all yelling at the same time. The nigger mind is exactly like that. They'll all yell at you at the same fucking time and as far as they're concerned the sounding board should be able to comprehend every chimped out, squealing, 100 mph nigger gibberish caused by their mudflaps banging into each other.

And when you don't understand what the fuck is going on they get all bent out of shape and it's your fault. And then the predictable chimp out.

It's fun to watch nigger bitches chimping out. I get a good chuckle.

Till the next chimpout.

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