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Jim Carrey paid actor

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paid actor rants about nihilism in American center of hedonism

Hollywood is Satanic propaganda (call it Jewish, call it Marxist, call it Islam-loving; it's all the same), but going on about how nothing matters and no one exists is no better attitude to hold.

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I actually think he's not arguing for nihilism but just more countering all of the BS Hollywood liberal pretense. I do think he's going overboard with it though, but he's never been known to be subtle.

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The way he looks at the world is a bit like taoist philosophy, everything is connected and existence is just god taking different forms and interacting with itself. In my mind that's a very empowering way of looking at the world, it makes you feel more empathy for everyone because under that ideology those people are you under different skin. It's a wonderful game, that doesn't really "matter" but that shouldn't be looked at as a bad thing. It should make you feel so grateful to be the most complex collection of atoms living in the most complex social environment that these atoms made up on their own, and in this environment (almost) any human being has the ability to change what it wants about where it lives. Even if it doesn't "matter" we are still here and we are alive so what are we going to do about it? Will we live a life of riches or a life of poverty? Depends on how each of us play the game, and we all play it differently which is why it's so fun.

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It's cannibalism, wake up!

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Exactly. This is probably for a role he has coming up. He's done this before. And he wants people to turn in their guns so fuck him.

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Im probably asking for a downvoat, but in a perfect society where we all lived peacefully and never had to worry about crime or food, guns would be nothing more than a hobby like golf.

I love my guns, dont get me wrong, just dream of the world where it wasnt necessary to have them.

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No lives matter does not equal nihilism. Why cant you both understand the depth of cosmos and at the same time have morals and ethics?

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Truman truly never got to leave his show.

He still knows.

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Ever since Robin Williams killed himself I said Jim Carrey will be next. Manic depressive

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Robin Williams killed himself

Wrong. Robin Williams died masturbating.

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He thought he was leaving the show but in reality it was just a setup. Now it's a new show where he thinks he left the old show and gets to exist in the "real world" and g try and find that slutty extra.

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So wait... he gets to do shrooms legally and I'm over here trying not to get shot by this farmer for poking around his cattle pies

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Try asking the farmer. Explain that his cows may eat them and it will make them act weird. Worked for me at a horse ranch.

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Holy shit.... sell it as a service.... and reap the money , the "goodwill" and the product..... niiiice....

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what strains are yall looking for? buncha dummies in high school ate gemson weed and/or some shrooms from cowshit.

got stomachs pumped at hospital.

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I'm poking his daughter.

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Lost some respect for him when he defended Kathy Griffin and pulled that Ivanka blow up doll scene.

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He's a leftist cuck.

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That's what great about this, he is saying it doesn't fucking matter what his opinion is. They are propped up as idols because they own the monopoly on the movie industry, news industry, comedy industry and others. They read scripts and lie for a living and paraded around like puppets for an opinion.

Check out this thread, people cheering him calling them out and saying enough & others saying he is shilling for his movie. Say what you want his attitude changed after the death of his ex and people like Jim Carrey telling """them"" to fuckoff and quit being zombies following them to get the latest iphone

he bashes Trump and is an 'artist' who has some interesting imagery, pause @ 1:15 knowing thats his perspective. When a paid actor bashes Trump its them doing their job, their secrets depend on it. Trump deserves his fair share of criticism but not until after Hillary, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Washington answer first.

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...who gave a crazy bitch the wrong crazy pills, then broke up with her for being a crazy bitch. Triggering her mental meltdown of losing her millionaire boyfriend meal ticket and withdrawals from the sudden stop of free unprescribed crazy pills, causing her to off herself.

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what a world.. when Jim Carrey has to bring truth to a place

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Whatever. He still showed up...

He certainly was dressed fancy for a nihilist. He sounds like Jaden Smith. Spouting pseudo-intellectual platitudes as if he is on a plane above.

Den of sin and evil or not, Jim, you let yourself join in its perpetuation.

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Not everyone needs to dress like a (insert pun).. he has money and still somehow speaks about what's on his mind, at least so it seems to me.

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Definitely reminiscent of Jaden.

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Yeah, he seemed to really like all that shit until he didn't. Probably just some act for some new brand or some shit like that.

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next celebrity suicide right there.

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and Herpes

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paid actor or not, he is stating a universal truth. What is of this world ,stays in this world. The human form is simply a vessel which is discarded by the spirit upon physical death thereby making everything which pertains to this world eventually moot and irrelevant. The energy which is the true essence of who we are, travels past the horizons that are placed in front of us by those wishing to distract us from looking behind the curtain.

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fuck your new age bs, joe rogan

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I think he was just pissed at her first comment, as his woman just killed herself, and decided to just destroy her interview.

I think what he was saying was half truths, but he was trolling more than anything.

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She wanted his dick... and was probably oblivious to this.

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And he knew it and just said some shit he probably half believes but figured would go immediately over her head regardless. My brother used to do the same thing. Basic bitches would practically line up for him.

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Oh I had no idea his gf killed herself.

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I was just in hollywood and I can tell you whatever world these actors are living in is much smaller than hollywood, and hollywood is already small. When we went to a comedy show at prime hour on saturday at the laugh factory the opening act was making jokes about being hated for being a white male and can't post anything online without being called a nazi. Everybody laughed. When the black guy touting racism and saying any woman who voted for Trump hates women women just kept yelling "no".

I think Jim Carrey just stepped the fuck off of hollywood and doesn't even care to come up with the explanation why. The whole thing is fake and he doesn't care to even think past that. It's small and dieing and a fake false reality charade that is getting replaced by real culture on youtube etc and doesn't even serve the people who are in it anymore.

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Some of them can see the writing on the wall, we just had the article the other day about how movies are flopping and will continue to flop.

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