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I don't think that guy should be allowed to serve food without a permit.

I don't think that cop should be allowed to take his money because he doesn't have a permit.

Take his info and fine him. If he's illegal, report him.

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And permits should be free and taxes shouldnt be required if the net profit the vendor makes is close to jack shit. How about we start focusing, investigating and prosecuting white collar corporate crimes... tax evasion, embezzlement, tax fraud.. its happening everyday and the plutocracy is laughing at you all.. all you who make a big stink about a hot dog vendor making a few thousand per year. The corporate elite are literally robbing you blind and nobody bats an eye because the media doesnt cover it and the only way to be informed about it is digging through court cases / litigation while the powers that be use disruption, delay and deflection to save themselves from scrutiny. I can give a fuck about a few thousand untaxed dollars some poor mexican makes, i care about the millions in tax money that is going into some billionaires pocket in off-the-record and under-the-table backroom deals. But you guys dont give a fuck about that right? You have full faith in the transparent state and federal government. Never mind the 2.3 TRILLION that went 'missing' the day before 9/11 happened. We can forget about the 2.3 TRILLION and lets all focus on this illegal hot dog vendor.. yeah you guys are good little obedient debt slaves. Faggots, get your priorities straight and stop selling America out to the highest bidder.

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The reason he needs a permit is because the stadium needs to make money. That shit ain't free, yo.

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Oorah!!! I'm quite sure you could have sugar coated it even more. But that's an outstanding summary, and great start for onlookers of this video. Blue pill faggots remember you choose the blue pill. Shut the he'll up and plug your head back in the earth.

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I don't think that guy should be allowed to serve food without a permit.

I think that it should be up to the parties involved in the transaction, and nobody else. If you want to buy only from people with permits issued by some organization, you're free to be selective.

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Totally agree, this was fucked up and way too heavy handed.

On the contrary, though, would it not be amazing if something of this nature happened to corporations? "We've determined you fucked over the American people for $100M, so you'll need to give up that money as well as pay a $6M fine."

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So if he makes $100 through his illegal food stand but has a total of $500 on him, how is the cop supposed to know that exactly $100 came from illegal operations? This is what is known as "punitive damages."

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Punitive damages should be given as a fine. Similar to when you get a speeding ticket. The cop doesn't take your credit card and swipe it when he stops you.

You should be given a chance to defend yourself before the punishment is given.

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500 is a great day in the food induatry

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The Constitution says you cannot take a man's property without due process. There's no due process here so I have a problem with that. He should give him a ticket and be fined if a judge should find him guilty. If he's illegal he should lock him up and get deported after his due process. The vendor should have gotten the permit and run a legit business but the vendor's "wrong" and the cops "wrong" don't make a "right."

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the constitution doesn't apply to illegals, schlomo

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Only partially correct. The bill of rights still applies. This has been ruled more than one. So they are still subject to due process

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Cops can't point to random people in public and say "you have no rights because my hunch is that you're not a citizen," retard.

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Wrong. There is already a Supreme Court ruling on this. The Constitution applies to ALL PERSONS residing in the United States. Go search and see for yourself...

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It applies to anyone on US soil. That's why they have Gitmo.

[–] RatmanThomas 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago 

I for one embrace our new Judge Dredd's.

[–] EdSnowden 14 points 41 points (+55|-14) ago 

Why can't you just run an unlicensed illegal food business and not pay a dime in tax? Poor beaners being forced to abide by the same laws as the rest of us, so unfair!

[–] antiliberalsociety 7 points 24 points (+31|-7) ago 

Not to mention those hateful FDA inspectors with their "it has to be sanitary" oppression against cultural food prep!

[–] Runaway-White-Slave 4 points 22 points (+26|-4) ago  (edited ago)

I'll bite, outside of the man being a "beaner", and maybe the not currently paying taxes aspect, wtf is the real issue? No Americans ever used to run food carts or similar without the explicit approval of the FDA and other various state bureaucracies? Because I'm sorry they have, I knew of a lady not too many years ago that setup shop right outside the gate of a factory serving breakfast and lunch to all the employees, no licensing, no permits, no approval from (((Big Brother))), and everyone loved her.... No cases of food poisoning. No bullshit.

And that kind of shit, what she was doing, it's called capitalism, you see a need, meet it, and everyone is happy. Unfortunately that's what nobody wants anymore, everyone wants the power of the state on their side to crush all the competition, to control people, and to just generally to be dick heads.

So it's not cool now that google, Amazon, the 6 major media conglomerates have absolute control in their chosen markets, but you know fuck the little guy should he compete against taco bell, or McDonald's egg Mcmuffins......? And not have all the Mafia Style tributes paid to our Kike government up front.....

Goddamn (((Commie))) fascists....

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Yes, because we all need the permission of some dimwit government thug before I'm allowed to buy the food someone else is selling. I don't need a piece of shit FDA agent telling me whether food is 'safe'. I'll make that decision for myself.

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Have you spoken up about Nestle Corp taking water from California Aquifers with an expired permit?

Of course not. Cowards like you and that fucking pigs aren't public servant keeping the rule of law any more, they are shock troopers protecting the establishment.

Or is Hillary Clinton in jail yet? No. Cops, including the FBI, are fucking establishment pigs and cowards.

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He's not concerned about food safety, he's concerned about people running businesses that didn't get the "approval" (i.e., pay the accepted legal bribe for permission to operate) of his corrupt, government thug buddies.

[–] EdSnowden 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

Cool 5 day old account faggot.

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They are the Zionist Occupied Government and we have no control with ZOG in the field

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Agreed, but civil forfeiture is bullshit and almost every SCOTUS ruling on it has been an absolute fucking travesty. First offense of serving food without a license should be a very stiff fine, any profits or assets related to the operation should be subject to further criminal, not civil, forfeiture. Anything else is a violation of due process. If it's a second offense, treble damages and jail time. Send them to prison on the third.

But run them by ICE first no matter what, because if they're illegal you take all their shit and deport them. Case closed.

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A cop taking your money isn't a tax, it's corruption.

[–] Snort 1 points 25 points (+26|-1) ago 

On one hand - Get a fucking license. On the other hand - Get your hands out the public pocket, thief.

[–] crom_laughs_at_you 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

It's not really good vs. evil, more like scumbag vs. douchebag. Nobody's right here.

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Licensing: When the government steals your rights, then sells them back to you.

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Like permits for a god damn fence,.

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What happened to innocent until proven guilty. I don't give a fuck if its a smelly spic. If my white blonde haired eyed daughter was selling lemonade would be do the same? If the answer is no then he is doing this because the guy is here illegally. So he has no rights under our constitution. However if he was an American this is beyond fucked up. And those cheering him now will stop abruptly when it's your property being taken

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It's not about race, it's about having/not having paid for a PERMIT to do business there.

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Nope, no permit needed. Rights cannot be contravened by states or federal authorities converting them into PERMIssions, licenses or privileges.

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Shit i forget we need permission from the people who know better then us to do anything. If you get sick from eating a fucking hotdog from a dirty street vendor it's a burden of liberty not a fucking reason to confiscate private property.

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Next thing you know, they'll start busting children for mowing neighborhood lawns.

Ya got to pay the vig!

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"Children" mow lawns?

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Yea. You're right. What was I thinking?

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So, let me get this right. The cop took the guys money, but left him with the food cart and its contents so he could to resume doing business? Illegal or not, that suspiciously feels like a shake down.

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