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Black and white thinking like this is one of the biggest red flags for low intelligence. Things are more complex.

Until policing is performed by robots, you cannot ignore the human element. Nor should we want to get rid of it. It comes with the tradeoff that some bad cops slide through, but that human element is the only thing that causes the empathy shared by the good cops out there.

There are some bad cops. There are examples of "bad" in literally every human endeavor/institution. Ever. There are bad lawyers, bad judges, bad politicians, bad teachers and school principals, bad doctors, etc. Because there was one bad doctor, are all doctors bad? This type of black and white thinking is fucking destructive, not to mention so inaccurate.

There are also fantastic cops. They do outnumber the bad cops. Truly. If you have 3 kids and one of those kids kicked the neighbors' dog, do you punish all three children? There are myriad reasons why and how bad cops come to be where they are and do what they do, and most of those reasons aren't as simple as, "Well its a good ole boys club god dammit and they should all hang from a rope!".

One thing that makes this all much, much more complex is that in most scenarios where people may recognize the "bad egg", they often don't have the understanding of the details, the complexities of the nature of that work and that particular situation. We see this happen all the time with doctors. A surgeon loses a patient. Everybody suddenly becomes a medical expert: "He should have done this." "This shouldn't have happened."

What they forget is that biological sciences, and especially medicine, is still greatly a pioneer land. We know some things. What we don't know is still far greater. Medicine is carried on by humans and all the minute complexities of what happened in that scenario are never made relevant in the rhetoric that goes on in the days after. People WANT things to be black and white because it makes their world simpler. It reduces how scary it is to realize that that doctor may have literally done the best anybody could do and STILL couldn't contain the chaos. People want to feel that something obvious was done wrong and could have been controlled, because WE ALWAYS WANT TO BELIEVE THERE IS CONTROL IS EVERY SITUATION. We always have it figured out.

Policing is no different. The situations are high stress. A myriad of minutia that is relevant at the moment but is ignored in the coming back and forth and media stories. Decisions being made by a fallable human being in a context most will never understand, but feel the need to understand because they want to mitigate their own fear and have a sense of illusory control. A head has to roll. And people feel totally calm letting that be the officer's, without ever fully understanding exactly the job they demand of that officer, and the blatant double-standards they have when its their own ass who needs help.