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Welcome to the police state

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Let's point out something important: FEDERAL COPS. As far as I'm concerned, federal cops are suffering from the same systemic swamp syndrome that the rest of the federal government does. The FBI is one of the centers of the fuckery. But using some twat feds to say cops at the local level (county/city), or even state boys, are all evil......just get fucked.

Understand that a cop is not a cop is not a cop. Things are a lot different at that level that they would be at the Vidor City level. In fact, the Vidor local dept praised the volunteer help pretty emphatically.

All of the rampant cop hate makes me sick. A lot of sorry, spoiled ass cunts who think they know better how to promote law and order in a nation. Let's see who you call next time you're in deep shit.


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Let's see who you call next time you're in deep shit.

"When seconds count, the police are only minutes away". Learn to defend yourself. The only time police should be called is for their documentation skills (insurance reasons or for various legal reasons).

Moreover, they don't exist to protect you, nor have they any mandate to the effect (Warren v. District of Columbia - 2005). Just search that for more - your bubble will pop quickly.

You should never rely on the police for protection.

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OP is a 4 day old shill account, he's been posting nothing but anti cop vids, all where you are supposed to hate the WHITE MALE.

Edit: Getting downvoated for pointing out a 4 day old shill account?


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I don't even know where to begin? I mean how do you complete a mental gymnastic like that? The leaps and bounds you had to contort yourself to in order to post that just amazes me.

If you recognize op, he's been posting nothing but anti cop vids, all where you are supposed to hate the WHITE MALE.

Let's dissect that for a minute piece by piece.

If you recognize op,

So you know him, are familiar with him and/or pay attention to his posts? More so than anyone else? I mean I barely pay attention to half the asshats here, I just appreciate new posts......

he's been posting nothing but anti cop vids

Has he? Let's see.......This user has so far shared a total of 4 links.....1 submissions to BadCopNoDonut

Yeahhhh, uh huh. That doesn't hold water at all.

all where you are supposed to hate the WHITE MALE.

WTF? Okay, let me put my bias aside somewhat. Alright, so we have a country of 360 million people, we'll say half of them are men. Blacks only account for 12% of the population and are usually from a criminal background and ARE PREDISPOSED to crime and fucking violence which eliminates them as a potential police officer.

So yes we in the United States are most likely to have white cops. But what the hell does that have to do with hating WHITE MALES? They're cops who happen to be, and are more likely to be, white males.

You've got an intelligence problem. I mean if you're trying to smear the fucking jews and niggers.....I get that but......STOP MAKING THE REST OF US LOOK BAD with the stupid way you do it. Fuck!

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You're out of your mind seeing shit that isnt there.
WTF is this white male bullshit?
Both white males !! Just videos that need to be posted on Voat.

During last videos discussion. I tore you a new one.
Didn't watch or read the article. Making up facts. Making indefensible statements. but but.. "justice"
Just ridiculous nonsense with no facts or logic to backup your statements.
Acting like emotional triggered irrationally charged liberal moron.

Said enough, I'm done.


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@9-11 i downvoat any and everything i see from you started to feel bad recently but thank you for reminding me why i shouldn't feel bad