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You could say this goes the same for everyone really. (Most) People don't dislike skin color, they dislike how people act.


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Yup. I thought I hated black people for many years then I met some fantastic black people on St. Lucia, then some from Jamaica. Turns out I just hate the way the inner city thugs behave in the United States. I have a friend who is a gay vegan chef and he is a great person to be around.


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Always good to have a chef friend. Also a bartender friend.


[–] WhoBeezDeJeanGalt 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago 

Not to be narrow-minded, but I don't think I'd let him cook for me.


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I bet every one of them is a darkskinned negro who, accepts, their 2nd-Class citizenship in The Western Hemphisphere and that is the sole reason why you appreciate them.

I bet you can agree.......there is Nothing in the world more entertaining than having a safe negro around, eh?


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If only one could get this point across. I hate niggers because they behave like animals, I couldn't care less about their skin color. But, now a days you are labelled a biggot if you criticize anyone that is not a white male.


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Well, skin color and behavior are connected. You can take a nigger out of Africa, but you can't take Africa out of a nigger.

Domestication has proven to be ineffective, as only an insignificant minority of niggers act like civilized humans, while the overwhelming majority used the prosperity of 1st world countries to their savage goals, and still remain one of the greatest threats to civilization.

The entire race isn't worth keeping just because you know one or two niggers that aren't drug dealing, murdering, rapist thieves.


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Exactly, it's not okay to hate black people, niggers on the other hand...