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"failure" implies an unintentional mistake. From the information that's coming out about the handling of this demonstration including police receiving orders to withdraw even before violent clashes began (same scenario as Berkley), it could most likely be an orchestrated act by mayor's office or above for the intended purpose of ensuring that violence escalated. The car ramming protestors at the end is the cherry on the mayor's ice-cream sundae.


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Failure can be intended.

But you're right, the only reason Berkley and Charlottesville blew up like this was because of possibly intended failures from the top.

I went to a Trump supporter vs anti-Trump gathering here in Texas. I didn't partake in the gathering, just observed. They had local police, county sheriff department, state troopers, and Texas Rangers there with a 100 meter no-go zone barricaded off between the two groups. The situation was entirely under control.