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The guy has been linked to this vangaurd group... Interesting article seems to stink of a false flag at this point.


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Quote from Guardian "Witnesses said those hit by the car were peacefully protesting". If you've seen enoug video, you know many hit wereply attacking the car with sticks or bats.


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What i saw was them hitting it after it rammed people.. I have yet to see a video of it before anything happend with the car hitting people.. That being said if this was on purpose he did a horrible job he had no planning and he had money he could have baught an old beater f350 and done alot more damage if he was trying to be a terrorist he failed so its still up to debate could have been a freak out and adrenaline took over and he over reacted i dont think we know yet.. But it is fucking amazing this peaceful protest has been turned into a white power nazi rally with a terrorist driving into a crowed.. If this was an islamic thing and the same happend we wouldnt know the identity of the driver and it would never be mentioned as terrorism.. The god damn hypocracy is what is sicking.