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Why is "the right" so supportive of police if this is what we get?


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You have to remember that the officers on the scene are getting direct orders from their higher ups. They have no way of knowing if last minute court orders have come through; or intelligence that indicated weapons or plans for large scale violence. They are stuck in the middle with no option but to trust in the decisions of their superiors. They are in a fucked up place in these situations. All they can ensure is their own safety.

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This is called the Nuremberg defense. Just following orders, can't think for myself.


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I've never understood this either. Fuck cops. They are the worst of us. Any good cops get drummed out of the system, and the shit floats to the top.

In the USA, last year, police stole more from citizens than criminals did.

Maybe back when cops were Mayberry types, sure. But even then, I don't think they are required. Just deport repatriate all the niggers, problem sorted.


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Law enforcement on the whole is corrupt, and fucks with everyone - they just fuck with niggers and other shit skins a little bit more. That's not to say there aren't good individual officers - there are - but the organization as a whole is very much a threat to Us too.


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Law enforcement is controlled by the New World Order globalists, like Soros and his ilk.