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James Fields is shown in an identification picture with his mom, Samantha Bloom, who works for Dana Holding Corporation, which was bought by Enstar, which merged with Seabright Holdings, of which George Soros has stock.

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6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

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Damn, a Six Degrees of George Soros game would be quite the meme.

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3:40 Nigger chimps following them trying to instigate a fight. That shit makes my blood boil.

6:40 looks like an antifa faggot attacking an old man

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What pisses me off is the guys standing there watching Antifa beat the old man, you really want to go to war with allies like this?

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What really got me was when the chimps were looking to pick off stragglers and start a fight with people in the rear, the people up front need to help stand with everyone in the back. The guys in the back were pretty vulnerable there when it looks like they had numbers and shouldn't be.

Backs were turned towards people who declared themselves as the enemy. It was bad. I would of had a hand on my gun which could get ugly real fast. Not one to throw away my future but I'm not letting animals beat on me. Probably best I continue to not go to any of these LARPing events.

Not sure how I feel about them. I think they cause more harm then good and just create a bigger divide. If you want the divide and a civil war to pop off more of these should be held. When people ignore politics and just go about their business everyone seems to get along better. Being a normie you get along with people better.

I guess we were all normies and would of stayed that way but they kept pushing so now we're here.

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I joke about the RWDS all the time. But every day, it become less of a joke, and more of an actionable plan.

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RWDS? What's that stand for?

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Right Wing Death Squads

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Did anyone have any doubt whatsoever ?

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I'm glad I don't live within fifty miles of this shit. Unfortunately it will probably find my little town eventually.

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Same here, I live in an isolated place, very isolated, and I like it like that. 100 miles is too close.

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So i know we are not supposed to post to reddit but i really need some people to go to this and look at the comments and tell me im not losing my mind. This one incident they are talking about reddit as if is responsibpe for creating dangerous right alt terrorist basicaly. There is not one right lewning or conservative view and i couldnt downvote the crazy shit???


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You aren't losing your mind, they are. Reddit is so throughly fucked up.

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Not just reddit. A good section of the fucking world.

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Noped the fuck out there after 3 comments

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Look at this comment with a a gorillion more upvoats than the rest

slaperfest 1485 points 3 hours ago  'It's got to be weird to be a Jewish mom with an Alt-Right son'

Care to guess what they're trying to do here? This car attack was premeditated.

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I even tried showing the video that showed this "poor innocent teen" and the extremist on reddit aren't having it. Honestly I got 7 to 10 downvotes on content within seconds.

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its crazy. The video evidence is right there in their face the hypocracy is unbelievable. In this country you have the right to form groups and protest publicly it is one of the pillars of this country and we all should defend those rights if they are doing it lawfully, shit I would go down armed and defend BLM right to protest if they were being threatened into not doing it legaly we all should, because if their rights are taken ours can be too. I want to see the group of black men who go to a alt right event and try to protect them from antifa! thats what I want to see.

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Fuck the cops and their unlawful assembly bullshit. Dirt-bags have every right to be there (until they turned violent.).

Does anyone bother to read the fucking constitution anymore?

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What are you talking about brah? This hit the news room...on the cutting floor

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Fucking commie flags being waved

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