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Hi @NickValentine138

Just wanted to let you know voat has a FAQ regarding submitting content.

Can I submit links to sites I operate?

Submitting only links to sites you operate (or are associated with), without submitting other, unrelated links, is considered spamming. If you submit niche content (for example gaming videos from your own YouTube channel), you should create your own subverse and submit the content only to that subverse. If majority of the links you submit are to sites you are associated with, your domains may be globally banned from Voat. To be on the safe side, if you submit 10 links to various subverses on Voat, at most 5 of the 10 submitted links may be to the sites you are associated with.


To avoid spam reporters to report you in /v/reportspammers try to post stuff from varied sources.

You can also create your own sub and advertise it in /v/newsubverses.