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Fuck jews. End dual citizenship. Outlaw sharia, and keep ngo nonprofit literature out of the schools and away from the politicians.

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" End dual citizenship"

-Speaking of which: U.S. Politicians holding dual citizenship (the site is what it is but there's a great list there)

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This should really be its own post. Thank you for the info.

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If you live in the US, Sharia is already outlawed (1st amendment).

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Texas made the effort of specifically outlawing it because they need to be told directly. I bet fewer of them move to Texas now.

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The Sound of a Jew Dying.

Which happens when you shine light on them apparently.

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This isn't the first time I've wondered if legends about vampires were created by past societies trying to secretly warn us about Jews.

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Of course they are.

  • Vampires cower when presented with a cross – They hate all things Christian (wooden cross) with a passion
  • Has to stop and count grains of rice thrown – the jew will pick up any coin, no matter how worthless, if on the ground
  • Has to be invited across the threshold – kicked out of over 300 nations in the last 2000 years
  • Preys upon the innocent and virgin – Read this book.

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I thought about this a couple weeks ago and did a quick search online, only to find several articles written by jews desperately trying to deflect the accusation.

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That's an interesting concept. One i've never considered.

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Just watched "they live" such a good movie

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is it available in 5.1?

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Haha like music to the ears huh?

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(((Who))) downvotes this? Argue the point you subversive miscreants!

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There are a few west bank settlers on Voat. Entirely unrelated, of course.

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Thanks fam

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poor israeli's.....imagine if your fate was tied to that of "the synagogue of satan". things are not going to end up well for these folks.

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Poor nothing. What the fuck is wrong with you? They have that title BECAUSE of their behavior.

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I must give the guy credit for admitting there is a double standard. It could be a false concession, but its still progress.

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Here's the question I wish he would have asked,

Who benefits more from these constant random acts of terrorism, the Jews or the Mudslimes?

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lol at the fact israel is making refuges then telling us to accept them

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