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[–] bobnewhartscock 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago 

Yo I wear a burka now, anon as fuck. People cant question it either.


[–] bobnewhartscock 0 points 17 points (+17|-0) ago 

Who am I? I work construction for 17 years, still do. White burka all day but a pointier cap.


[–] HeavyBrain 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago 

pointier cap

So you a wizard?


[–] HeavyBrain 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

I liked it when hools after being told they cant come to the stadium with face cover, just put on a Burka.

I hope this shit grips and eventually the Antifa will chimp out at "false muslims" and attacking them, with any luck there will be a protest going on nearby by real muslims and those retards will attack actual muslim women.

And then they will see what many white people lack, a sense of comunity, then they will see that if you attack one group all the others that dont even know what it is about will have their back and kick "anarchist" ass.