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You know, it must be very blissful to go through life being that god damn ignorant. The stupidity and entitlement of niggers astounds me.

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It's worse then that. They would recognize the threat if the roles were reversed. They don't even have the empathy to realize anyone else is self aware.


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Counterintuitively, it's not. Being that unaware of how others perceive you causes large problems with high frequency. You would assume that it simply frees you from worry, but in reality, it just makes you think that you can take whatever you want from anyone at all and they have no right to be angry with you over it. Then they get angry, and you, in confusion, believe them to be committing an offense against you, which makes you angry. Then the guns come out. This is why blacks murder at such a high rate -- they don't have the basic intelligence enough to realize that when they do something to someone that they wouldn't like done to themselves, it'll make them mad.

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