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Presence of what are essentially components known to cause a video to go viral, in a video about a commercial product. Complete with a coupon code and everything. I'm sure you can forgive my skepticism on this.


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The way it starts with the rainy treacherous road makes it look like it's a scene from Silent Hill. It could very well be staged. Well done if it is though, subtle acting, nothing over the top.


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I mean seriously, who the fuck goes out that far to test out a flashlight? I could walk out to the backyard at night and test one out. This seemed a bit far fetched, doesn't it?

The atmosphere of it all was brilliant. It had all the potential to scare the ever living fuck out of someone and on a damn budget.


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Not really when you consider his entire YT channel s dedicated to exploring abandoned mines.


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Yeah, that's the stretch.

*"Hey, I just drove to the middle of nowhere in a storm to test this flashlight!" *


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I would be interested to see how well a flashlight works in an enclosed, dark area more than outside with moonlight - Both scenarios would need a flashlight, but if I needed a extra bright flashlight, I don't think it would be for simple outdoor usage.

That being said, this seems fake. After what sounds like Satan whispering to him, he spends all of 1 minute commenting on it before he goes back to talking about his awesome flashlight.