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I'm getting REALLY tired of people blaming the vote on 'old people' (which is nonsense) and further making out that it was somehow bad for 'old people' to vote according to their own opinons.

This is sick. -THIS- is the reason we have to watch out with this euthanasia stuff, because some people literally don't think 'old people' should have rights or even function as 'people' in a democracy.

..and it all stems from our disrespect for our elders. Maybe 'old people' actually know something and are voting not only in their, but in their children's interests. Sigh.


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I agree. I'd even add that she must actually believe that people over 75 (her words) make up 52% of England if she believes it was their fault.


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It's actually even worse than I thought. According to the internet, 72 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds voted against Brexit.

56 per cent of 50 to 64-year-olds voted for Leave.

So? Apparently then the overwhelming majority of young people make a choice, they are completely founded in their actions, but when just over half of the old people vote for Leave, they're wrong to do so?

Basically, they are saying that the 5% difference between Leave and Remain is a huge majority. That's what they must be saying, because what tipped it over for the old voters was only 6%. In fact, it was little over half of the old people that voted to Leave. Almost half voted Remain.

Anti-Grey propaganda and scapegoating the elderly makes me sick.


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The reason we have to watch euthenasia is because we don't want a bureaurocrat to just have to fill out a form to get someone murdered.


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Do you fucking conspiratards ever stop?


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Totally agree. My Mother is 72, worked her entire life and raised 7 kids on bugger all money. She and my Father voted against the EU in 1975, and she and I did so again yesterday. Her reasoning is based on a lifetime of experience in the real fucking world, and a knowledge of the history of this country. She is rightfully proud of the Magna Carta and the powers it gave the People of this country and does not want to see us lose any more of that to the wankers in Brussels. But obviously because she is a pensioner she is delusional, racist, demented etc etc? Really?

This current generation of self-obsessed, whiny neurotic babies are horrific. If they actually gave a shit about the Remain campaign they would have got off their arses and voted. 18-24 year olds had the lowest voting turnout, whose fault is that? They were smug and complacent and fucked themselves. Now they are whining about another referendum and making voting compulsary, like that is going to endear more people to their side. Delusional children, the lot of them.

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As long as they are still human beings and eligble voters, all that is irrelevant.


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We shouldn't have to slow down true progress just because some folks don't want to get left behind in the dust.

Yes we should, it's called democracy. When they are dead, their voices will no longer be heard. Until then - this is how it works.

"We do things this way because we've always done it this way" is a pretty stupid argument that I am really tired of hearing.

I don't think anyone thinks it's that simple anyway. Even if they do, it's just one miniscule vote in a sea of voter's opinions.