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Then fucking leave and get yourself some cultural enrichment.


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They want to invite them in so their victim status is more prominent when they're assaulted. Leaving and getting attacked isn't as dramatic for them and drama is their lifeblood.


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And wtf is up with the "America is so full of hate" garbage? I am not a hater, neither are my friends and family. We help each other and give charity. We're hater because we don't want millions of Muslim immigrants here who believe that we should be destroyed and want to set up a shariah caliphate here? Give me a break lady.

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[–] cm18 ago 

Watch the new leader of GB get cowed into importing more refugees.


[–] SushiMaster69 ago 

We needed labour after everyone died during the second world war. Why they chose Pakistan I will never know and I will not forgive them. I like near the Pakistanis and frankly I see why India is keen on killing them.


[–] mig2k ago 

in the Calais jungle.


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Why should she have to leave? Should be able to just make everyone else conform to her ideals or get gassed like in other fascist states.

It is a shame that her feeling got hurt though; she clearly has lived a cushy life thus far and hasn't had to deal with anything before so this is just so hard and emotional.