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I understand.

I am almost 35 and I just want to relax when I get home and play video games. While I understand the controversy happening right now is impacting gaming this is really supposed to be a place just to just discuss video games.

Having said all that if people feel there are important issues in gaming culture or something huge happens I will do my best to find a medium. Maybe like a sticky post at the top for a little while.

I want to try to avoid censoring people but I want to keep things on topic. I know its going to be a balancing act but I want to try my best. I ask that everyone feel free to hold me accountable as well. While I can't promise I will always agree with everyone I can promise that I am not a perfect being so if someone thinks I am making a mistake they can question me without fear of being banned or censored and the like.


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Thats great. The censoring going on is frightening and I think damaging to "the gaming comunity". I am also 35 and also just want to have a good time playing games.


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Alternatively just link to a relevant sub and say please keep X in related subs.

It deserves to be seen in gaming related subs but it doesn't need to be spoken of everywhere.