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If you ban guns in Doom no more demons will be needlessly killed by the Doom guy.

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They're just peaceful migrants! It's their culture! There's no such thing as No Go zones in Phobos base!

Just look at this vibrant culture they create in the cities they migrate to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zV0ax8uP_w

It's racist to say that demons shouldn't be walking around your cities impaling citizens on spikes and turning them into living hellspawn. The only reason there's violence in that video is because Doom Cishet Guy is running around with a gun!

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Don't worry fam, I gots your back


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There is a point to be made. When the primary strategy in a game becomes entirely about obtaining item X, that item has perverted the game and it destroys interesting decisions. Whether it's Doom's BFG, Counterstrike's AWP, Steve Jackson's Munchkin's Kneepads of Allure, or Cards against Humanity's Biggest Blackest Dick.

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That's the exact reason I've never really liked multiplayer in games like Halo. It's always just about rushing for the power weapons. It's really annoying.

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