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Pilot should have rerouted auxiliary power to the main deflector screen.

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They didn't even think to check the rotator splint either.

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That poor girl. Do you know how many dicks she had to suck to get that job? It should be called The Cock Ceiling. Maybe if she had a flux capacitor she could have avoided all that sucking?

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That's some brilliant trolling right there.

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the VAST majority of "reporters" are only in it for air time, to be on TV. it's the glamor they grew up with, wanting to be... whereas in the old days, reporters were actual journalists that had to show their faces on TV.
the new generation aren't intelligent thinkers, just hold the mic and hope people think you look good in that new dress you bought

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Truer words weren't typed on this day! Well done Sir, well done indeed!!

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If they only had some unatainium this all could have been avoided.