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This guy lies about the taste for youtube views, not necessarily this video but many others. People want to see deliciousness mixed in with some small amount of drama, and he delivers.

Same with a lot of other food reviewers on youtube.

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Maybe? But you have to understand he probably is looking at it from the point of view of "it's a shelf stable food meant to last for years".

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Magic powers.

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I thought I might be the only who watches him. Good stuff on his channel. I love the older WW2 stuff he had reviewed.

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It amazes me some of the shit he's actually willing to taste test.

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Right, I am surprised the guy hasn't ended up in the hospital. I know of the MRE's he ate gave him some trouble about a year back. Might have been longer, I just remember watching it a year ago. He even commented on how he isn't going to risk things moving forward.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=lp6J1diRl3c :

2018 South African 24 Hour Ration Pack MRE Review Chicken Briyani Meal Ready to Eat Taste Testing - YouTube

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