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Had they been working on ensuring all votes are LEGALLY cast they wouldn't have to be the least concerned right now.

That SHOULDA been priority numero uno!


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https://archive.fo/IktYS :

Under the Radar - POLITICO

'"The memorandum was circulated during the 2016 election, but contains several plans that are likely to be used in or may bear upon future elections. '

'The RNC has been vague about how or whether it intends to take advantage of the greater latitude it has after emerging from under the long-running court order. ', "The DNC is not opposing the RNC's effort to keep the memo from going public until after the 2020 election."

'"The RNC will suffer a competitive disadvantage by the disclosure of Republican campaign strategic priorities, election activities, and allocation of resources. '

'He said there was no evidence of recent violations by the RNC that merited keeping the order in place. '

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