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John McCain was a piece of shit. I hope he suffered greatly in his last moments.

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I Understand. In death a member of project mayhem is a Hero who has committed no crimes. His name was..... err in death does he still have no name?

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When (((they))) are approving of someone, you know that person is an evil traitor.

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It's the social lie we all tend to accept: a bastard in real life gets praised in death. Unless he's not American.

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The most cringey think is when nigger hoodlums die, and all the sheboons get together and talk about how wonderful he was.

If you've got any common sense in your head, you know the guy was a piece of shit nigger.

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In most cases there is little to be gained by speaking ill of the dead, thus this social norm. The most common cases of it being broken are either criminals, "news" stations, or money owed privately (banks tend to move on quickly in action to the estate, then the next debt)

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If you truthfully spoke ill of a person while alive, there's a lot to be gained by continuing to do so after their death: integrity. Don't sell out your behavior, ethics, morals just because situations change. The only acceptable time you should change your ethics and morals is because your knowledge changes.

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Media is giant lying sacks of shit. This should not be news.

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I really hate the "don't speak ill of the dead" taboo.

If they were an asshole in life you shouldn't pretend otherwise.

Michael Jackson was a pedo, and McCain was a warmongering traitor.