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many of the state's voters who speak and read English still prefer to cast a ballot in their first language, to make sure they cast their votes correctly.

If they are not sure that they cast their votes correctly in English, then they don't actually read or speak English. This is a problem. Let's stop pandering to the problem with tax payer money.


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As it should be.


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DONALD TRUMP, J. - Is written the same in english, spanish, german, italian, and all of the other 18 laguages the pamplets are written in.

So, the prominent language in the US is english. Not a crazy statement to want the ballots in our language.


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I don't agree with this. English is not the official language of arizona and a properly qualified citizen should be able to vote. Ballots should be available in other languages on a reasonable cost basis. If a certain threshold percentage of the electorate speaks a language than the ballot should be available in that language. Such arrangements assumes a robust voter id system so as to also assure the electorate that their votes have value.