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Scenario A: Don't ever keep more than a few thousand in a bank account. Keep your cash in Fed paper IOU's. Need to buy a car private party for $20,000. Hand them cash, move on with your life.

Scenario B: Keep your money in a bank (for some stupid reason, since the banks outright view you as an enemy). Need to buy a car for $20,000. Can't get cash because the bank thinks you must be a criminal since no Americans have any wealth anymore, so they file a "suspicious activity report" and you are investigated by the Federal Government for buying a car.

Yeah. This one is a fuckin' no brainer.

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Scenario C: every day deposit 5k at one branch and withdraw 5k from another branch. Rotate 10k through your account on a daily basis to make over 300 SARs be filed a year. Then file foia requests with DOJ and Treasury for all documents related to your name and see what notes they are putting in your files. Pretty sure you will have gotten a visit from the FBI before then, but make sure to have full surveillance kit on your home so you know when they come to plant their own surveillance you can go-to the media with a story that they can't resist running about government overreach and waste under Trump.

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The day that my bank tells me I can't withdraw my money, or that I even have to wait, is the day.........

it just would not be a good idea.

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You might want to go talk to them. TODAY they can tell you that you cannot withdraw the money you GAVE THEM.

Once you give the bank currency, it's no longer yours. PERIOD. The very agreement you sign with them to open the account makes this abundantly clear. You are going into DEBT when you deposit FIAT into a bank.

Educate yourself, motherfucker.

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They already did that during the Great Depression. But it was about the bank trying to survive, not about totalitarianism.

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Don't withdraw two $5000 amounts, because that would be "structuring" which is illegal.

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Taking money from (((banks))), do you hate jews, you're stealing from the jews, you are literally Hitler!

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This is why I dont have a bank.

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Glad I found it. I already bought land without the bank, next step is building.

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That limit is currently $10,000 or less already. It's just a change in the amount.

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But I thought Trump and Q were in charge and for the people?