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Well, if it's from everyone's favorite Mary Sue hack, Jew-Jew Banks Abrams, we can bet that the premises would be

  1. Leia don't need no man, she's a strong, independent womyn who's perfectly capable of... Flying Solo.

  2. Poe & Finn's Big Gay Wedding

  3. Chewie & Yoda's Big Gay Wedding

  4. Luke & Lando's Big Gay Badassssssssssss Wedding

  5. Darth Trump: The Fuhrer Awakens

Followed, of course, by... (deep breath)

Disney-Pixar-Lucasfilm-Marvel's Toy Story Star Avenger Wars of the Caribbean 50: Return of the Crossover Franchise Strikes Back.

Special guest: Disney-Henson's Pigs... In... Space!


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... what?


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I'm describing Abrams' ideal premises for yet another expansion of the franchise, which also happens to be another bought and paid for head in the Disney Hydra hive mind.