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Basically someone narrating an opinion recorded over various clips of a seinfield episode.

You don't get to watch funny clips from the episode.

PS: on your way out, please downvote OP if you believe such content has no place on the front page

Edit: I guess people really did like this post. My calibration must be off...


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Not really an opinion dude, the video talks about how sitcoms developed from being based around the nuclear family to a friend circle. From everyone banding together into a hug over a major issue, to them all fighting over a nonissue. tbh it feels like you didnt even watch the video


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I don't see how you could call something that goes directly into comparing French novelists with a shitpost.


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it's not a shitpost, in that it has a link to actual original stuff intended to inform/entertain rather than bait you or trick you or manipulate you in some way.

that said, this guy's youtube-podcast is almost good but really ends up leaving me unsatisfied every time I come across it. He's pretentious, talks slow in that NPR voice, and really doesn't make strong arguments at all. It's the classic tone of someone who has a lot of institutional education and regard for themselves but little in the way of keen insight discerned from life experience.

Maybe Flaubert does have relevance here, but the link doesn't do a very efficient or thorough job of making the viewer understand why that is. If his point is simply that both "broke conventions of a form" then it's a more or less random comparison that could have been drawn dozens of different ways. What did Flaubert, specifically, do that rhymes with Seinfeld? The viewer should learn that if you're going to spend two minutes talking about Flaubert at the beginning.

This to me is someone with a content goal and a list of topics that trend well. He needs a hot take on Seinfeld, but it's hard to come up with one, so he stretches a bit and doesn't quite hit it out of the park.

Your core comment, regarding the lack of clips of the show to prove assertions, is my main complaint here. The thesis never lands because he doesn't actually demonstrate it.


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Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.