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Turn off the TV and stop going to movies. I don't miss them. It's been well over 30 years now.

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They had to drag a Nazi into the series. How do you do that, when they stopped making Nazis in 1945? You make an immortal Nazi who is a hundred years old, but who looks around 30. It's getting harder and harder for the Jews to come up with reasons for including Nazis in the television crap they feed us, but their creative little Jew minds manage to find ways.

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The change from a Ayran Super soldier in the Comics to a Bitchy Female is par for Hollywood, but they aren't dragging Nazi's into the show from nowhere since Stormfront is from the source material. In the comics he Is a Nazi super soldier created by Vaught, who was a Nazi Scientist brought to to America with the other Nazi scientists like Wernher von Braun, and later founded the "Pharmaceutical Company" that shares his name.

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How do you do that, when they stopped making Nazis in 1945?

Or, and hear me out now, you subvert and try to create such a degenerate and self-destructive, overindulgent society that it creates a whole new generation of Nazi-esk people, who will again try to excise the cancer that the Jews are.

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Stormfront is also played by a Jewess.

In the comic it's a skinhead.

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Yeah a lesbian looking jew from Portland....

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I got through the first one.

It seems to be enough for people to be like "turn it on its ear by making the superheroes the villains! Yeah! Yeah that's it that's the ticket!"

But you've got to give me something I can sympathize with for the villain so that the decisions are that much harder for the hero. That's what what made the graphic novel Watchmen great; I could find something I could agree with for every single character, and the summation of their life up to the point you read, the decisions they now make with you as reader, tears them from limb to limb worse than any physical endurement.

The Boys, I never got anything like that out of it. I felt bad for the protagonist but I could never sympathize because I felt he wasn't making stuff happen for himself to get his revenge, a magic man falls out of nowhere into his life and goes "ya wanna?"and it no longer is "what would YOU do?" and instead becomes "wouldn't it be cool if".

Season 1 was apparently beloved but I thought it was lazy throughout. Lazy writing, lazy devotion by the actors to what they intended to create. And then I'm told Season 2 takes all that and makes it less coherent and sloppier.

Maybe the truly meta thing is that the show about superhero killers is ultimately the show that kills superhero shows/movies/etc.

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This is the nature of jew cape shit. It's a sick perversion of European myths that whites should know. Jews will always pervert white myths to destroy their past and the links to their ancestors.

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Bud, check the (((list of producers)))

(((Eric Kripke))) <-- lead writer

(((Seth Rogen)))

(((Evan Goldberg)))

James Weaver

(((Neal H. Moritz)))

Pavun Shetty

Ori Marmur

(((Dan Trachtenberg)))

(((Ken F. Levin)))

Jason Netter

(((Craig Rosenberg)))

Phil Sgriccia

(((Rebecca Sonnenshine)))

Unsure about the 5, but I'd bet on Ori and Pavun, and even then, despite being 2% of the population, Jews make up over 60% of those trying to subvert it.

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That clip should be played as an anthem. "See, even the jews know."

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But in the world of the show, she's a villain.