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American History Channel was airing anti-American propaganda all night long too.. ((documentaries)) about Waco, Unabomber, etc.

They getting ready for a false flag attack to blame on a patriot?

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They're laying the groundwork to defend/validate their actions when the inevitable backlash happens after they take the severe steps needed to make their plan successful.

It's not like they're going to back down. Like an infection, any trace of bacteria left unpurged guarantees its return.

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Isn't that white supremacy though, not burning your fucking cities down for months?

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This reeks of desperation. A brief glimpse into those events from non-mainstream source is all that’s required to show it was nothing. It was the start of people getting angry about being replaced.

What this documentary is is nothing more than an attempt to solidify the demonization of that movement, and buy enough time to push the needle far enough beyond the point of no return. If the sheep stay asleep, they will succeed. If the sheep continue to wake up, they’ll fail. Demonizing a relatively benign focal point in the wake up, while ignoring the devastation of BLm is the height of stupidity... nobody will watch Charlotteville and think thats the bad stuff, that those guys - the ones not looting and burning - are the baddies.

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Oh my god, not white supremacy. I hate when those guys block traffic and burn down my city.

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Judas Iscariot !!!!

What I will GIVE for that to be even 1/ 1000th true!!!!

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