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theyre still going?

[–] blueblur [S] ago 

Ha I know right? I don’t even watch TV or movies but had to share.

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I actually still watch TV, it's not like I am a sensitive little bitch or something

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Are they gonna hire an actual child molester to play that popsicle guy? FFS

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https://dontvis.it/https://www.ign.com/articles/family-guy-cleveland-brown-voice-actor-recast-mike-henry-simpsons :

2020-09-25 | Family Guy and The Simpsons Recast Major Black Characters - IGN

"Opinion: Preordering a PS5 or Xbox Series X Is a Fiasco - Here's How to Fix It"

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Cancel white people.

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So now a white guy can’t voice a black cartoon character. What progress. FFS.

[–] Whitening ago 

They've always been woke, in their smug , anything but subtle ways