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The Ghetto Girls

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Ghetto Gorillas

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I hope they don't act like white women. They should be getting into physical fights and calling names. Each one should be 100 lbs heavier than the original actress.

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This is, of course, astoundingly stupid as ideas go. And it will probably tank. But even the original Golden Girls was very subversive. I never realized it when I was a child and it was on the air. It just seemed like it was these somewhat funny, goofy old ladies. But I went and watched it again some months ago, and it was a lot of SJW stuff, race issues, gay issues, feminism (of course), and many other agendas. Plus you could make the case that one or more of the "ladies" were actually men.

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Golden teeth girls?

Episodes where they finna find out what bitch done stole they damn coco butta?

Kids coming over to put things in they name.

Having to raise they grandkids and great grandkids cause they momma out at da club.

Constant dialogue about how they have no men their own age because they're all dead or in jail.

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WTF?! This is 2020 and not one trans person of color? FUCKING BIGOTS!

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Oh I'm sure this is going to be a hit..

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First episode.. "sometin smell all fishey n sheeeiit"

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I want to watch the looting episode.

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