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Just finished watching this and didn't have great expectations as this was done by HBO. It really does capture how fun this place was and pays solid tribute to the era.

Action park taught me more about consequences and personal responsibility in a day than most kids learned in years. (And yes the rides really were that nuts) Best time I ever had as a kid that didn't involve girls.

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Defunctland did a decent video on it, but I'll wind up watching this one, too.


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Had not seen that video thanks.

To this day I can't watch a video of the alpine slides without grinning from ear to ear. Their version of safety really was just putting pictures of previous injuries on poster board near the beginning of the ride. It was the original FAFO.

Only time I can ever recall actually being afraid of death as a teenager.

Also no blacks just NYC guidos.

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If you like theme park docs in general I highly recommend Defunctland, Expedition Theme Park and Yesterworld.

They, for the most part, keep the nonsense to a minimum and stick to the history (even though Yesterworld started getting Social Justice knee-jerky about the "headhunters" on Disney's Jungle Cruise ride), where I've gotten to discover things like Alton Towers which I'd never heard of before but have fallen in love with their world-building.

Defunctland's Season 3 fully documents Walt Disney's transformation from animator, executive, theme park mogul to futurist covering all sorts of neat stuff that ties together. I even learned that there was going to be a Disney theme park built entirely around American patriotism.

Anyway, just thought I'd share stuff I'd been enjoying.