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The house nigger got the whip from his massa and now he's back on his knees.

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I dislike cancel culture, but I also think it's funny to say "Nick Cannon got fired."

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The other great grandfather was a Kang.

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Pathetic. This is what a beaten dog looks like.

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It's almost as if he's doing more to fight them by licking their balls than he would by attacking. The ego of the tribe is their weakness. Remember.

[–] Ducktalesooo000ooo ago 

what the fuck?


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suuuure he was

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He said his mother told him about their family history after he made the remarks in June

So at no point in his entire life has he ever considered himself Jewish, nor was there any Jewish influence in his upbringing, and all he is doing right now is what niggers do best: playing the race card to get out of trouble.

Fucking. NIGGER.

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What a fucking clown world. Jesus fucking christ.

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Can't be repeated enough

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