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Chelsea Handler is not only a Jew, she’s a cum rag for Hollywood.

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And niggers.

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Frequent flyer on the epstein express.

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And muritards allow Jews to get away with their privilege. People should confront her for being Ashkenazi. Jews aren't indigenous to Europe. She might look white, but that doesn't make you white. It's bout time people started telling Jews to stop speaking in their name.

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She does look white. If you look white, you’re white. Non-whites don’t have white skin, natural blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s Aryan af.

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"it's like talking about porn at the dinner table"..."that would be fine at my dinner table"

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Of course, why wouldn’t kikes talk business over dinner?

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So tiresome.

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Wikipedia early life claims another innocent victim

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Wikipedia is so useful for identifying Jews.

Their arrogance will be their downfall.

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It’s hilarious how panicked they’ve gotten in recent years, tons of pages have been repeatedly shoah’d and reverted.

Literally “shut it down the goyim know” tier shit.

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Schrodinger's jew. A jew is simultaneously white and jewish until she is observed to be jewish at which point she becomes white.

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That's gold.

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Jew gold.

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I was thinking, "what the fuck is wrong with his 'j's?" LOL.

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Even lower case isn't enough. Subscript.

jews or jews.

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Ima gonna 'member that.

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Another jewish whore pretending she is white. This one should be hung, and very likely will be when this comes to a head.

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This is a great video for normies, if they can see that jews are not white.

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"Never forget that Hitler killed six million whites"

Usually delivers the message flawlessly when jews start acting like their privilege is a white thing.

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That’s a good tactic but its misleading towards Hitler and the truth behind national socialism. I can’t lie about my heroes like that, I guess we need to be liars like jews and subvert at the current time if we wanna get normies’ to take some redpills. Fuck it any means necessary.

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Jesus Christ it’s scary that if the race-mixing propaganda doesn’t work (already far too prevalent, influential, and destructive) then the powers that be will accelerate as if it their greatest and most imperative goal “if volunteerism does not work, the state will move to still more coercive measures”. They will do everything to force the white race to die and mix. Disgusting, absolutely loathsome.

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That video of the homo kike where they're all dancing around brings to mind Weimar, Bacchanalian orgies, Sodom and Gomorrha, gay pride parades. Nothing new under the sun, as wise King Solomon said.

Declines of empires always are marked by this type of degeneracy.

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Outstanding collection, saved.

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Fucking jew shapeshifter

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There has always been something about her that crawls. When everything finally comes out re pedogate (why are you laughing) I would bet money shes one of the worst.

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