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This show is the perfect example that the pedos in media really ARE out of ideas.

Like, ABC, after stealing Anas's Blue Tartigrade game, goes "Oh people like the Orville, let's turn Star Trek into Family Guy, that's what people want!"


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I don't think they're out of ideas. Instead, this is all done intentionally. Destroy everything that was once good and beautiful, and turn it into a SJW shitfest.

The result: brainwashing and indoctrination for the younger generation, and pure demoralization for the older generation that still remembers how things used to be, and now has to watch their cultural history getting raped right before their eyes.


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Yeah I think there's a heavy element of what you're saying, but if they really cared about the propaganda, they would make it really good. If you can't tell it's propaganda, that means it's working.

The funny thing is that I don't think people actually like these shows, especially kids. There is so much media out there that's good, the kids are going to look for it. This show is for adults, ironically. The numbers are always low, and the companies keep it alive via (((private funding))).

But yeah the cultural marxists have been working for over a decade to destroy every community that could stand up to them. Science in 2010 (Turned events into pronoun parties and rape accusations) Video games in 2014, now it's every old media franchise, Star Wars killed, Star Trek killed, Gohstbusters killed, Doctor Who killed, Marvel Killed, etc.


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Star Trek: Anti white men SJW propaganda IN SPACE!


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I love this guy Critical Drinker. Been watching his stuff for some time now. He’s a bit silly at times, but he sends a very strong message. Look up his video ‘Why The Past Matters’.


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CBS: I like Rick and morty, but there's no diversity. I have a brilliant idea!


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H and I has 5 hours of startrek every night. Thats all I need.