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Thats my point about the whole Apu thing... they care so much about an indian stereotype yet don't realize Homer is a sterotype of the average american dad. You might as well cancel the whole show because of all the "bad" portrayals of people in that show.

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Cletus The Slackjaw is a negative stereotype of whites, or Flanders being a negative stereotype of Christians. Only the Hindu Dindus get special treatment though.

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I'm gonna go super inside baseball but what these liberals fail to realize is the indians that have made it to the US are very wealthy and are upper class compared to the ones back home. They don't give a shit about the poor and mistreated ppl over there yet they get special treatment over here. It will always be the white mans fault... time we remove ourselves from the equation and let the in fighting begin.

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All about portraying males as weak and damaging the family unit. A strong family is a major defence against Marxism

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lol why do you think jews will represent you in an imaginary show correctly....?

is this something that ... matters?

its easy... dont watch the shit

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To offer inept males who watch the flickerbox (but I repeat myself) people they can relate to.

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All Hollywood writers are kikes

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Jim Goad, on stupid women:

Overlooking their infantile emotions and susceptibility to kindergarten-level superstitions, I'm not sure whether women are any dumber than men. But though popular depictions of doofusy men abound, it has become heretical to imply that women can be dumb at all.

To help counter such widespread ignorance about widespread female ignorance, I offer you three real-life stories; two which I witnessed and one which was told to me by a woman.

The first involves a freckle-faced, mouth-breathing co-worker from Secaucus (pronounced "SEE-kawk-iss"), NJ, who toiled alongside me on the night shift at a NYC print shop back in the mid-80s. While struggling to comprehend the simple ad copy she was typing into a computer, she suddenly blurted out, "What does 'un-durfd' mean?" Helpful as always, I sidled up to her cubicle and realized she was trying to wrestle with the word "underfed," which is an apt description of her brain relative to oxygen.

The second concerns my sister's former mother-in-law, a jaw-droppingly dim-witted woman who was later blamed by our side of the family for being the primary gene donor for my niece and nephew's learning disabilities. We were sitting poolside at a Jersey shore motel when she posed this riddle: "If the pool is eight feet deep on one end and three feet deep on the other, how come it's even on top?"

Today's final story conveys a similar instance of aquatic-perception retardation. While standing at the beach looking at the ocean with her family, a doltish matriarch asked, "What's the elevation here?" After an embarrassed pause, someone quietly answered, "sea level."

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Do they still have sitcoms? Where?