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why are you wasting your life taking in the poison of a group of Jews who literally called for punching "Nazis" (ie white Americans) in the face at their annual dicksucking show?


[–] obvious-throwaway- ago 

Still having Kikeflix in 2019...


[–] ketoll ago  (edited ago)

I couldn't stand that every character gets in a romantic relationship. I mean seriously, everyone is just dating each other???

The plot dragged on and on with these pointless side-romance distractions. Maybe because the overall plot was pretty similar to a repeat of Season 2 with more 80's synth music and very little intrigue. Where is this story going??? Kept asking myself this question as the show kept side-tracking with the dating drama.

Apparently the monster had its own agenda and motivation, but the show didn't really convey that it was truly sinister, was more like just a big dumb animal. So this brought the show down to the level of a bunch of typical monster chase scenes with little intrigue.

Of course, as always, they pushed the typical Netflix/Hollywood Communist propaganda agendas even more into this season:

  • feminism - Teen girls getting "empowered" with their feminism not needing males.

  • Made men out to mostly be controlling ape-like assholes that needed the women to help them tie their even shoes.

  • No all-male groups allowed - every male team had to be accompanied by at least one female. Because everything in films has to be co-ed now.

  • Gay agenda - because every fucking netflix show has to have at least 1 gay. It's mandatory. No exceptions. Of course it's so casually inserted in a show that's supposed to take place in the 80's. Riggghhtttt.... like people were just coming out gay casually in the 80's. Also had nothing to do with the fucking story whatsoever!

Just a typical sequence made for nostalgia points, banking off the last successful seasons, and inserting ever-so-subtle propaganda to the public masses.