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Once you know what the jews are up to, it's hard to pretend you don't see whats there.

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Funny there was just another thread about it https://voat.co/v/whatever/3315499

[–] green_man [S] ago 

I didn't see that post, thanks for the link.

[–] lordvain2 ago 

Yeah, I posted the other one. I see I wasn't the only one disappointed. I was looking forward to it, but they couldn't resist stinking it up. It looks like they had to add some gay stuff, misandry, mixed races and feminist propaganda. Everything on Netflix reeks of this crap.

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i think both, but the red pill can't be unswallowed.

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You're forgetting that the red pill isn't one single thing, it's more of a sliding scale that goes in all directions. You can be red pilled on x and y, yet still not be red pilled on z. You can also be red pilled on x, y, and z, yet not be fully red pilled on all of them.

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this is true.