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Naturally, 99% of Blacks proclaim Reynolds "an uncle tom"


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https://archive.ph/fCNzz :

2019-06-28 | 'How They See Us' on Netflix is filled with lies, claims lead cop in Central Park Five case | Daily Mail Online

"Reynolds told DailyMailTV

'Please, someone, show me the pictures of them."

'Supporters said they had been exonerated and the Central Park Five became synonymous with an unimaginable miscarriage of justice. '

'But despite the case now being closed, Reynolds feel the Netflix mini-series is unfairly punishing people who prosecuted the five. ', "Again Reynolds watched in outrage at what he said is a 'total fiction. 'He explained

'The group lay in wait."

'You go into the projects and stop every motherf**** you see."'According to Reynolds, 'It is so preposterous that it's laughable. '

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