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I don't. As a KID I DREAMED of being a pop star (evil spell). These people are PARASITES. They (know or not) love to kiss their OWN asses, yet they produce NOTHING of value and make our youth think THEY are GREAT people!!! It's LIES.

Lies = EVIL


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they just gave the golden buzzer to a little niglet for playing simple pop songs on a violin. all because he had a sob story about surviving cancer and being bullied. the most shocking part was that simon was the judge who pushed the muh feelings button. the kid fucking sucked on violin.

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I had to watch the voice recently (not my choice). Literally every one sucked. There wasn't a shread of talent insight.

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I don't watch because it's mindless trash with garbage music.

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Yiu shouldn't watch because it's fucking stupid, and any show that doesn't have ONLY singers is moot, because singers always fucking win.

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The contract the "winner" of American Idol signs makes them an employee virtually forever.

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Not just winner. Basically everyone who have gotten past the entrant phase.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=HXoQTFTFTho :

Why you shouldn't watch TV talent shows (The Voice, X-Factor, Got Talent, American Idol...) - YouTube

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