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Question "Archie Comics for years adhered to regulations established by the Comics Code Authority, which limited the use of sex, drugs, and violence in comics. Now, these are all things that we consistently see in the Archie universe. Did you plan to go in this darker, more subversive direction?"

Answer: "I'm a Jew"


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Well sorry, that this is mostly off-topic but it is about (((fellow whites))) and TV producers too, i just cannot make new topics.

Ordered on a reduced offer the old Twilight Zone Blu-rays knowing the producer and presenter Rod Serling,was a (((fellow white))).

Well i started watching because i liked all kinds of Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt etc. when i was younger and the first seasons didn't have too much blatant propaganda.

In Season 4 then which apparently aired in 1963, there was then a US-Nazi episode with one person talking to the misguided Nazi about 9 years in Dachau and 12 million buried underground which i didn't finish then, and directly afterwards was about a strange group of people 1953 in Dusseldorf, signing a pact, as if it was Wannsee, about telepathy being the superior communication and it has to be teached to their kids and naturally they were sending their kid to Germantown, PA.

So i just looked about immigration to US in 1963 and the search results were about:

-Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952

which "proposed an immigration bill to maintain status quo in the United States and to safeguard the country from communism, “Jewish interests”, and undesirables that he deemed as external threats to national security." and "deemed aliens who were anarchists or members of or affiliated with the Communist Party or any other totalitarian organizations that plan to overthrow the United States as deportable aliens.Aliens who were successors of any association of Communism, regardless of name changes, still fell under the deportable aliens. Aliens who advocated, taught, wrote, published in support for communism, a totalitarian dictatorship, and the overthrowing of the United States were also deportable aliens"

and then

-Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

"For the first time, immigration from the Western Hemisphere was limited."

"Specifically, the Hart–Celler Act allowed increased numbers of people to migrate to the United States from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East."

So don't think they haven't been subverting since always, in fact that years might have been the turning point, i mean now they are mostly just gloating because they think they have won.