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None of That means a fucking thing to me.

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Woah, so cool!

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i dont care if its cool or not i tend to shy away from anything that people tell me repeatedly will totally be my favourite tv show ever. the more people wont shut the fuck up about it the less interest i have in it.

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Correction, the show was never great for its plot, soon as it was sold to HBO it was certain to just be snuff porn that could be used to desensitize people to pedophilia and incest who couldnt be bothered to read his books.

Prove me wrong

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They do have dupe scripts. They also shoot dupe, misleading scenes.

The dupe scripts will have different variations, so they can trace leaks.

That said, most of the leaks so far have been spot on...

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I'm sad.

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I like the post dating mixed with post-diction of the last episode though

well close enough: i'll just go and eat my hat now

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why is it a shit ending? if there is one thing to take away from this show its that, letting in brownslime savages and letting women rule always turns out badly. she spent 10 years allowing men to do EVERYTHING for her, from mormont to the dragon. and 90%of the time being talked out of bad decisions. because she couldnt functionally make them for herself.

last nights episode completely redeemed the last 9 years in my eyes. 5 stars