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A Korean Spike, black Jet, and Latina Faye. I'm not surprised at all, just disappointed.

Place your bets on who's going to play Ed, I bet it's that tranny kid that's dancing for money in bars. Ein will probable be a furry.

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i'm already out.

time to get drunk and rewatch the old episodes and maybe the movie

RIP cowboy bebop

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I like the chess episode the best.

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so cliche I can't tell what is a joke, and what is serious anymore.

It's like (((they))) are trying to alienate us

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God dammit. They are going to ruin another classic anime like they did with Death Note.

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just die already Netflix

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I've heard that their economic situation suggests disaster, but you also can't rely on kike companies to go under when they should.

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ha, well put