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I was a pro producer and engineer with a degree. Along with the Internet and computers , a major killer of actual music and talent was American idol.

It was a perfect storm. 2001 people stopped buying music. 2002 corporate leaders aggressively persued teens and studio musicians for predictions of hits at the lowest costs. And American idol was the nail in the coffin because it removed talent hunters and brought the “talent” to them... and they made a TV show out of it.

Think about it... the biggest biggest stars today? 99% are pre Napster. All the rest? Totally interchangeable songs and voices....

Any Justin Bieber song could be sung by areiana grande and vice versa... why?

Same studio songwriters and musicians, software, mastering software and auto tuning. It’s all done with protools, Reason, logic, ableton and then fed into some SSL or Neve.

A little experiment. Take a listen to “Bernadette” by the 4 tops... recorded in 1967, 52 years ago.

Listen to the bass line, the arrangements, the passion and the quality of the sound.

Then. Compare it to ANYTHING in the top 10 today.

It’s frightening

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i love that song... but i also love KC & The Sunshine Band - Give It Up and early daft punk recognizing that this is a top hit today


and this is even more jibberish...


they make music for functional retards who never grew up past 9 years old.. which is about 40 % of the population of the usa if i had to guess.

there was some conspiracy that behind the scenes the music industry was pushing for the file sharing... sort of like how amazon operates at a loss to gain market share, and how a drug dealer gives out free samples.

it only took 52 year to go from the 4 tops to bitch im a cow.

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I like it when they have some sad back-story to the "entertainer" (cancer, mom died, dad died, dad went out for cigs never coming back) and then watch them suck.

Only reason to watch.

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my new reason is to watch perry get mad at the girls who sing better then she does... which is most of them.

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Haha...she's got the most gold singles (or albums?) I think ... one more than Mikey Jackson. If I recall.

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Have not watched for years

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The contract the winner has to sign is indentured servitude