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2019-03-04 | As HBO and Turner bosses quit, AT&T announces big Time Warner reorganization | Ars Technica

'HBO is planning to produce 50 percent more original content this year, even as new owner AT&T reportedly plans significant layoffs across its Time Warner subsidiary. '

'Last month, Deadline wrote, "With more financial resources from their new corporate parents at AT&T, HBO executives ramped up production to 150 hours of original programming for 2019, 50 percent more than 2018."'

'"The new structure reinforces AT&T's vision of bundling HBO and the former Turner channels as a streaming service offering augmented with original programming," a Variety article said. '

'WarnerMedia today also issued a press release announcing a reorganization that will create four business divisions "around entertainment networks, live programming, content production, and affiliate and advertising sales."', "Today's reorganization announcement came days after HBO CEO Richard Plepler and Turner President David Levy announced their resignations."

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