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It is not dying, it was stillborn.

And it was not because of politics, not really. The politics influence the true problem.

It is just bad.

Bad acting, bad writing, bad pacing, and a bad setting.

They are doing the JJ Abrams thing, and it sucks. Star Trek is supposed to be deep, complex, and thought provoking at its best. What is more, it is meant to demonstrate the issues with a level of neutrality and understanding that allows people to actually think about the issue being tackled.

Star Trek: The Next Generation did that very well on many occasions. Even the Orville has managed it. STD is just awful and nobody wants it.

The writers of the show are course, harsh, without nuance... When they touch a subject it is overt, poorly presented, and preachy. They cannot show an issue, they have to pontificate on it.

And that is the heart of it, shit writers are on the show - they are people of the right political views and that is not a good qualifier for a writer. They infect the industry because of their political views rather than the merits of their accomplishments. Look to every video game they do, every book, every movie, every comic... All they ever do is tell you how it is because there is only one way, their way.

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Bad acting, bad writing, bad pacing, and a bad setting.

Came here just to say this. It isn't bad because of its politics, that's just a single laughable aspect. It's bad at everything. Every. Thing. In addition to just being a plain bad show in general, it's an absolutely horrendous Star Trek show. Ironically, all the people who hate STD also laud The Orville for how faithful it is to the Star Trek spirit. An overdone comedian taking the piss has made a far higher quality Star Trek show than the ridiculous high production cost joke of a series STD.

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STD is worse than Bible Man.

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Bible man?

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"STD is just awful and nobody wants it." Thank you good sir this is all i needed to know.

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and preachy

Nothing wrong with that. TOS frequently had Spock acting as a cool superego, McCoy acting as the passionate id and Kirk in the middle finding a clever middle-road that no one anticipated. Cut to end where Kirk comments on some aspect of human nature and how we ought to strive to be better and everyone laughs.

TNG was preachy as hell about teamwork and strength through diversity of idea vs. diversity of culture, something the later series latched on to as well. Even Enterprise.

And then the Firefly fags chime in on how much they love DS9 because they think people backstabbing and sniping at each other like petulant children means that it's a mature show.

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I have seen every episode of every Star Trek series and every movie ever made, until Discovery. I haven't watched one episode of that liberal propaganda shit show.

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Thank you

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Star Trek is a mess and its politics have changed. First I didnt not know this foozball take a knee crap I don't watch footabll NFL or any type of soccer foozball sports but I wondered if there was something to the protests .... no nothing nada .... typical hoodrat BLM dumbass Anti-American attitude with a dislike of police and a fucking hatred to their own country. Next I looked at the people protesting, totally over paid hateful racist sports upstarts many with a long long line of convictions themsleves, assault with a deadly weapon, illegal dog fighting, rapes, domestic abuse, drug dealing, assault with a vehicle ... these scum are some of the sports starts kids are supposed to look up to, they are paid millions and many of them are criminal convicts. Finally I looked into Roddenbery, I looked back at him honestly ... before Neo-Liberalism or the Regressive Left hijacked Star Trek and I wondered his original messages?? and he was different, sure he was a lefty and a pacificst but he was from a different Liberal era, the times of Harry S. Truman, Kennedy, Roosevelt .... they were from a totally different time and would turn in their graves in they seen what the Neo-Liberals have done to the Democrat party


Also Gene Roddenberry was kinda woke and based himself, he seen the world, flew combat missions, read politics and like writers such as J. R. R. Tolkien. he had messages inside his movies, books and shows.... Prime Directive - don't be selling tanks and guns and RPGs to Africa ... they will only kill each other in civil wars, burn their shacks, pollute their rivers and wipe out their animals to near extinction. Who did what and who was what in the show? Alien species Klingons = a mix of Soviets/Samurai culture .... Ferengi Alliance = perverted Israeli space Jews, big ears instead of a big nose .... Romulans are Chinese ... and muslims? its the future dumbass, there is no islam in the future .... it of course becomes less clear after the death of Gene and by the time Jar Jew Abrams arrives StarTrek has become a totally different show like Nu-StarWars...the Federation certainly has a kind of NATO, EU feel to it with some elements of American inclusiveness, is this where Roddenbery wanted the show to go?? maybe not...I'm not sure how the society functioned without money, Gene never really got to that part, maybe he was just a dreamer after all? Anyhow new Star Trek sucks and new Klingons fucking suck.

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I tried to watch TNG, and I didn't make it through the 3rd episode.

I used to watch it twice a day religiously, but it's just socialist garbage. Inclusive to the core, OMG THERE'S A KLINGON ON THE BRIDGE AND THE SECURITY OFFICER IS A WOMAN.

The dialogue is just so shit too. What a horrible horrible show.

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The new Trek series will reportedly feature war-like Klingon warriors as an allegory for racist Trump supporters.

Wow, just wow. The kikes are bold as fuck and most people can't see past the end of their nose.

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Funny, I grew up thinking klingons were the only cool people in star trek

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Right!? Every episode they were in i was thinking, "what are these complete savages going to pull off this episode". Thats how they were dealt with too. Sometimes they were allies, sometimes enemies. Always complete savages.

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Please explain the Klingons are Trump supporters thing?

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I can only assume they are equating nigger activity to white people. Projection I think it is called.

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It looked like garbage. Trek is a fucking mess because of the copyright split between Paramount and CBS. The whole "Klingons are Trump supporters" was just the last straw for me. Trump supporters aren't bad for not wanting to compete against third world workers and the Klingons aren't supposed to be evil or anything in the first place.

The real issue is the copy right stuff though. There can't be a unified Trek universe because two companies have a claim and they can't go back to '90s Trek either because of the copyright mess.

The franchise is over. Between the executives, their lawyers, and the SJWs there's just no salvaging it.

Time to move on.

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Star Trek in name only. Who cares.

Instead we have Star Trek in spirit, aka the ultimate fan fiction series the Orville where Seth rides that 'parody' line so fucking hard.

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Only show on TV I'll actually watch.

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Managed to make it through 1.5 episodes. Had to stop after: 1) boring as fuck 2) words like "gonna" . Star Trek should mean perfect English.

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The albino Klingon [Read: The only white Klingon] was the bad guy.

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I stopped at the first teaser. If I wanna see a crazed nigger bitch try to stab a nigger faggot,I'll go to the edge of the ghetto and watch it happen in real time. Winner gets to be target practice.

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Actors. Taking a knee. They are there to blow you.

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Same with Doctor who. Liberal writers just can't help themselves from shoehorning poilitics in every episode in the most blunt, in-your-face way they can think of. I don't think it's bad to address social issues in TV series; Star trek has done that historically. But shit writers like these are lazy, and just dump a "POC", trans person, or whatever in the middle of the screen to rant at the viewer for a few minutes. Seriously, the level of preaching in doctor who was off the charts last season. They had an episode which featured a bad guy that looked like trump, acted like trump, even quoted lines from books about trump. They had a time traveling white supremacist. Good writers address social issues subtly. This is why the Orville is so great; it's star trek, but the way it should be done. They too address social issues. But they don't demonize one side as without any subtlety whatsoever. That creates one-dimensional villains and just really is not interesting.

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