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Netflix is fucked, Marvel is basically Fox/Disney and all the super hero brands they will not win a fight vs Marvel... any other brand that is not Disney Marvel is basically the last remain big studios, Warner Bros is another giant DC / WB which own Batman, Gotham, the Flash, LOTR Hobbit movies, Matrix, Terminator, Aquaman, Godzilla, Harry Potter etc

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I knew this was coming. Folks were screaming that they wanted a la carte cable and now we are basically getting it but worse. Streaming services will collapse in the next few years as people realize they are spending twice as much on them as they did on cable and still having to pay for internet access (which is going to be a big thorn when people start hitting their caps and paying overages).

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Which is exactly the problem with the content industry and the greed within.

All content will eventually be divided up further and further til the point where, if you want diverse content, you will need to subscribe hundreds of services, costing thousands of dollars a month.

Far before that they become not worth the money. Not to mention all the actual innovation in the industry is crushed by the big boys.

The best thing to do is still have a digital version within your control.