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You know, I really like this shit. If you have a brain and dislike being lied to by a kike actor, all of a sudden you're "conservative". There is nothing conservative about this billboard defacing or those Trump stars mentioned in the article. What we are witnessing are liberals waking up to kike bullshit, waking up from their deep slumber and maybe, just maybe realizing what liberalism is actually about. And that's having a gun and defending your freedom from the people who stole the whole fucking country while they were salivating over a fact that a president was a nigger. Liberalism is about individualism and standing for yourself, and not about fags raping kids on stage at gay bars and calling it "progressive".

I hope things like these continue. I hope more actual liberals wake up to the kike scam of progressivism, and start doing more shit like these. If we can all unite and recognize who the real enemies of this country are, then perhaps we can make a change.

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Im surprised they didnt use term nazi.

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fuckin' brilliant.

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When Maher's ugly physical being is targeted, I'll be elated. In the mean time, this is pretty excellent.

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I am amazed that someone (or a group of people) got up there and managed to alter it that much, without getting caught and while doing a very nice job at the same time.

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The pieces were probably prepared beforehand and then just needed pasted in place. In and out quick w decent results.

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Even still, that required getting measurements (either manually or taking pictures and figuring out distances using known lengths etc).

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"West Hollywood" ...this has to be Sabo's work, he's the best. He also did the the "greatest groper" billboard for Al Franken, it was hilarious.

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Dear conservatives,

Please come and get reprogrammed.


Bill Maher

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LEAVE my fellow jew Bill alone!!! This is an anti-semitic attack!! Think of the 6 gorillion

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